Wind turbine refresher 1: course content

Refresher rescue training (1 trainer): course content

Theory section, approx. 3h

  • Legal framework
  • Personal protective equipment

    • Personal protective equipment in general
    • Helmet, protective footwear, gloves etc.
    • Personal fall protection equipment
    • Safety harness
    • Fall absorber

      • How it works
      • Fall forces with / without fall absorber

    • Safety ropes
    • Mobile fall arresters on fixed and flexible anchor lines
    • Arrester systems: presentation and how they work
    • Carabiners
    • Monitoring, cleaning and repairing PPE
    • When to replace harness / ropes / helmet

  • Working safely in and around a wind turbine

    • Appropriate use of PPE
    • Safe behaviour appropriate to the worksite

      • Working in the tower
      • Working in the nacelle
      • Working on the roof of the nacelle
      • Working in the man cage
      • Conduct in extraordinary weather conditions

  • What to do in case of accidents
  • First aid

    • Hanging trauma
    • Countermeasures
    • Accident occurrence
    • Accident statistics
    • Examples of accidents

  • Wind turbine emergency information system

Practical section, approx. 5h


  • Arrival at wind turbine, general rules of conduct in the wind park
  • Revise correctly fitting the catch harness and PPE

Rescue exercises:

  • Rescues from the ladder

Closing discussion:

  • Questions from participants
  • A few tips ...