Triowind GmbH

Commercial register No.  18179
Court of jurisdiction: AG Kiel
UID: DE 267 507 030
Managing directors: Ingo Schröder, Klaus Hansen. Alexander Schwarz
Hauptstraße 12a, 24799 Friedrichsholm

Phone: +49 4339 999272
Fax:      +49 4339 999278

Responsibility for content according to §6 of the German Interstate Media Services Agreement:
Ingo Schröder, Klaus Hansen, Alexander Schwarz


Data privacy statement

We compile, use and store your personal data only within the context of the provisions laid down by the Federal Data Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany. Below you will find information on the type, scope and purpose of data collection and use.

Collection and processing of data

Every visit to our website and every viewing of one of the files stored on this website are recorded. These records are used internally for system-related and statistical purposes. We record the name of the file viewed, date and time of viewing, data quantity transferred, notification of successful access, web browser and requesting domain. In addition, the IP addresses of the requesting computer are also recorded. More extensive personal data are only collected when the user of the website and/or the customer enters their details voluntarily, for example if making a request or registering, to conclude a contract or through the settings of their browser.

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a text file that is sent when a user visits a website and which is buffered on the user or customer’s hard disk. If the server corresponding to our website is accessed again by the website user/customer, the user's browser will send the cookie received previously back to the server. The server can then evaluate the information it receives via this procedure in various ways. The use of cookies can make it possible to control advertisement inserts or make navigating a website easier. If the website user/customer wishes to prevent the use of cookies, he or she can do so by changing the settings of the internet browser used by the relevant local computer, (i.e. the programme used to open and view websites, for example Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari).

Use and transfer of personal data

Where a user of our website has provided us with personal data, we use these only to respond to the user/customer’s request, to process contracts concluded with the user/customer and for technical administration. We only transfer personal data or pass it on to third parties where this is necessary for the purposes of processing a contract or for accounting, or where the user/customer has authorised us to do so. The website user/customer has the right to revoke an authorisation given at any time with effect for the future.

Any personal data stored will be deleted if the website user/customer revokes an authorisation to store such data, if such data is no longer required for the purpose for which it was stored, or if storing such data is not permissible for any other legal reason. Data for accounting purposes is not affected by a requirement for deletion.

Right to information

We will provide information to the website user/customer about the saved data related to him or her upon written request. Requests should be sent to the address provided in the website’s imprint.

Source: IT Law, Hannover | E. Strohmeyer, Lawyer