Occupational safety – The name of the game

Triowind GmbH specializes in occupational safety in the wind energy industry. To ensure your workers enjoy the best protection in every situation, we offer you:

  • Training
  • Rescue concepts
  • Support with new developments
  • Specialists in occupational safety

Since we were founded in 2006 we have supported more than 70 companies in cooperation with German training institutions. Every year we train around 1,300 workers according to the standard set by the VDSI (Association of German Safety Engineers), BGI 657, and other relevant guidelines.

With experience from countless projects throughout Europe and Asia we can support you around the globe.

Ensuring your staff members are qualified through training and refresher courses guarantees you the ideal measure of the necessary occupational safety.

Intensive and effective – Training on site

Individually tailored to suit your company – our highly specialised safety programme for all employees in the wind energy industry is carried out on site.

With it, we provide knowledge specific to wind turbines and can also help you in finding a suitable wind turbine in your area. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Safety is made up of various different factors. Triowind can offer you the perfect concepts:

  • Safety training
  • Annual refresher courses
  • Risk assessments on all types of wind turbine
  • Rescue concept for all wind turbines
  • Introduction and training for newly established measures
  • Support in all areas of safety

New at Triowind: Electronics training

The training, which is based on the latest technology, is structured as a basic course for newcomers or as an annual refresher, and includes:

  • Competent person trained in wind turbine electrics
  • Electrical technician for defined operations
  • Switch authorisation up to 52 KV

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